7 awesome reasons why you should hire a graphic designer when creating your website

1. Correct use of your brand

Your logo or brand style can change when building a website. Having a graphic designer's eye to be able to effectively combine your brand throughout your new website can make or break your brand's impact.

2. Logo stability

Sometimes it can be hard to decide how to use your logo on a website for example: Left alighted, centered, big or small, background colour, readability, etc… A graphic design will keep the stability of your logo and make the most relevant and effective decisions.

3. Consistency of written content

Your written content content isn’t commonly a graphic designers job, however it is quite important to have a regularity in the tone of voice you’re sharing. This should also be aligned with your brand personality for example: professional, young and trendy, romantic, to the point, etc…

4. Cohesive imagery

Your image is everything, so the images you use can promote your brand or demote your brand. From getting a photo shoot of your products or providing your services, a graphic designer can direct the images to be inline with your brand personality or tone of voice.

5. Brand personality

Whether you know it or not, your brand has a personality. For example: cheeky, quirky, fun, masculine, feminine, trendy, etc… Discussing your brand's personality with a graphic designer can help them choose the style of imagery, fonts and use of colours. This will keep uniformity throughout all your online and print touch points.

6. Integrity of brand elements

Your brand elements are the use of your: colours, fonts, space or negative space, shape and size. Having a designer's eye can help tremendously to keep the integrity of your brand throughout the site.

7. Reduce your workload

At the end of the day if you are paying a graphic designer to create it for you, you’re going to have the best outcome you can. You’re also going to free up your time in trying to do it all yourself.

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Nathan had lots of good ideas to help the site operate more smoothly and was always patient throughout the process.
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The Connected Circus

We love our website! Nathan consistently communicated with us throughout the creative process and ensured that the final product met our needs.

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Virtual Team Australia

Nathan is amazing! Nathan built me a website from scratch and did an exceptional job capturing me and my brand perfectly.

Nathan is patient, efficient, professional and very helpful. I highly recommend Framework Web Design.

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Nathan has been great to work with, he does exactly what we need him to do by the time we need it done by! Couldn't really ask for more. He is also very prompt to reply as well as easy to get along with.

Kelly T.

Zali & Co.

Nathan is so professional and goes above and beyond to help you with anything. I couldn’t recommend his business highly enough, his customer service is first class.

Leeanne S.

Eastfield Coffee Co.

What can I say that would cover how much I love our new website. Nathan understood my brief right from our first chat. He diligently set everything up perfectly and was in constant contact during the creation process and after.

Kimberly M.

Silver Embrace

I am very happy with the results from Framemark Web Design and would recommend Nathan and his Team to anyone trying to build or revamp a business website.

Brandon De Wys

Vid.Co Media Group

Nathan is extremely talented at what he does. He helped me build my website to exactly how I envisioned it. Super friendly and easy to work with. I can't recommend him enough to build your online space!

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